How Education Changes Career Possibilities

In western civilizations such as Canada, education is a large factor of your life. Even if you have the bare minimum in terms of education, the impact it has on your life is immense. With education, you often have an increase in salary potential, prospects, and typically feel more fulfillment. It is essential to plan ahead in terms of education so you can have the type of life and career you desire.

When talking about careers and salaries, one thing that comes to mind relatively quickly for most is post-secondary education. Women with a high school diploma that work full-time earn (median) around $43254 a year, with an apprenticeship they earn around $38230 a year, with a college diploma they earn around $48599 a year, and with a bachelor degree earn around $68342 a year. Men with a high school diploma make (median) about $55774 a year, with an apprenticeship around $72955 a year, with college earn $67965 annually, and with a bachelor degree about $82082. These results show that almost always (with a few exceptions like apprenticeship) higher education will increase salary. The careers you get with higher education are more likely to give you good benefits like retirement plans, dental, savings accounts, insurance plans, childcare stipends, and commuting. (Stats Canada, 2017)

In today’s world and economy, post-secondary may mean less than it used to but it still has the ability to help get you ahead. An education builds the foundation for your career and future. You have more opportunities than someone with a high school diploma or less. If you took a course that is seen as practical you will likely get a job within months to a year. Even with fields of study that are not as practical, they can be good stepping stones and still provide a few more opportunities. At least if you wanted to you have the option of doing a professional program like medicine, law, education, or business administration or adding on to your diploma/apprenticeship/certificate. (Workplace Resources, 2018)

Aside from money and technical aspects, people with higher education tend to feel more fulfilled and accomplished within their lives and careers. On a scale out of 10, 1 being unhappy and 10 being happy, the mean for graduates in life satisfaction was 7.7 while non-graduates had a mean of 7.4. For worthwhileness, graduates averaged around 8 and non-graduates averaged at 7.7. Even though those with further education may take on more responsibilities, graduates and non-graduates both got a mean of 3 for anxiety. Graduates are also more resilient in the face of problems such as unemployment, ill-health and divorce than non-graduates. Overall, it’s a great investment for your life. (Times Higher Education, 2017)

Education can be tedious, stressful, and may not seem worth it. Over time the investment of education will get better. You will find yourself with probably a higher salary with each level of education you do. Not even just a better salary but benefits are improved as well. Working is something you will have to do for the rest of your life so it’s best if you can get ahead. There will be more variety out in the world for someone with a college diploma or university degree than someone with a high school diploma. Something that people with post-secondary education also have more of is, on average, happiness. To be your best self you should genuinely consider education after high school. You are not only paid in money but in options and accomplishment too. Even if you do not know who you want to be, you should do a short program or apprenticeship for something you simply would not mind just so you can have a solid, decent paying job. (The Star, 2018)

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Well-Being Guide

In life, to be able to enjoy the world to the fullest extent, you need to take care of yourself. I wrote this little guide to help others and inspire people to be in the best condition they can be. This article discusses Diets, Relationships, and Self-care, and how to navigate them.

Have a Healthy Diet

The ways in which we choose to eat can have drastic impacts on our health for better or for worse. I feel as though it is safe to say that the world we live in today is largely responsible for most of the subpar diets we are subjects to. No matter where we go, we nearly always have access to fast food restaurants. As people, we are more inclined to pick up fast food and junk food because
-Fast/junk food often are less expensive than healthier foods
-It is easier and faster to buy
-Minimal or no preparation is required
This lifestyle may be next to effortless which is nice, but it sure is not healthy or sustainable.
Obesity is the #1 cause of preventable death in the modern world and heart disease is at an all-time high. For the sake of our health, we need to start moving in a direction where foods along the lines of fruits, vegetables, and grains are promoted and advertised more than fries, burgers, and pizza. The dietary problems of the world are not fully caused by industries; We are all capable of choosing what we want to ingest and even though we may find it easier just to pin our problems on society or the fast food industry. We need to take responsibility. It is better to have highly processed and fast foods than nothing, but they should be avoided as much as possible.
Tips For Monitoring and Controlling Your Diet
1. Keep a food journal
2. Refer to a government made food guide
3. If possible, visit a dietician or family doctor to discuss what type of diet may be best for you
4. Surround yourself with positive influences and inspiration Changing your diet for the better will substantially improve your physical condition. Here are some examples of how:
-Improves energy
-Strengthens immune system
-Reduces the chance of developing type 2 diabetes
-Improves heart health
-Helps manage weight
Not only does a healthier diet improve your physical health, but it improves mental health as well. Here are some examples of how:
-Balances mood
-Helps to clear mind
The ideal diet
The diet that is described as “ideal” consists of eating something whether a snack or meal, every 3-4 hours. Each meal should have protein and fiber. Certain things should be avoided completely or used as little as possible in your diet. Some of these things are soy, sugar, oils, alcohol, and processed foods as a whole. In moderation, almost everything is acceptable.

Maintain Healthy Relationships

To be successful in anything (especially life and relationships), you need to have a good foundation to build on. In relationships, these foundations are composed of trust, values, and communication. It is optimal if you are surrounded by people who support you, are kind to you, and help you positively grow and develop as a person. Constantly being around people who are self-destructive, unsupportive, and disrespectful, will only negatively influence you in the long run. The more you are around certain types of people, the more similar you grow to them. I am not saying in any way that you will just grow out of who you are and start becoming someone else when you are around them, but that when you are around someone for long periods of time, you inevitably will pick up some of their habits and beliefs. This is why it is essential to surround yourself with people who will support you but also are not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong. The best partners and friends are the ones who make you want to be the best version of yourself. These people are so important to have in your life because they are your support system and brain when you do not want to think. There are times you just need to be taken care of and you need reliable, positive people to be there for you.
Relationship Tips
1. Do not be narcissistic
2. Do not keep harmful secrets
3. If you are not ready for commitment, tell the other person/people
4. Be upfront with your issues and concerns
5. Find something everyone enjoys

Take Care Of Yourself

We all have our ups and downs for a multitude of reasons. Regardless of what is going on, taking care of yourself should be your #1 priority. When you are at a low point, it is often very difficult and challenging to do the most basic of activities from taking your medication to showering. You need to create a system for when you are in bad shape so you only have to do what is necessary and are prioritized. The easiest way is to take things step by step. It is okay to be in a funk, but the funk is much more manageable when you are even a little organized. Self-care could mean that you put reminders on your phone to remember to eat, drink, or leave your room. Trying to pick yourself up can be a major help. Communicating with other people and letting them know what you are going through is very helpful; Feeling like you are not alone is essential in times like those. Even if you are in a good place, it is still very important to make sure you are doing what is needed to be healthy. No matter what shape you are in, it is necessary to make sure you are doing what is needed for your well-being, every day.
Self-care Tips
1. Keep a diary, log, and/or journal of how you are feeling and what you are thinking
2. Get food that can be made quickly with minimal effort so it is easier to eat
3. Do not force yourself to do anything before you are ready as it can make things worse 4. Find things that make you comfortable and engulf yourself in

Opinion on Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment should be eliminated from the justice systems. The death penalty is a problem in our world. If someone is put to death over a crime they did not commit, there is no getting them back. Life sentences should be served instead for the possibility of innocence. Through the acquiring of medication, legal fees, and other required procedures, capital punishment is quite expensive; Why should we give our tax money and use our resources for this?
Fairness should be considered when looking at the death sentence. The mentally ill who commit crimes because of their conditions can be put to death instead of being treated for their issues. There are known cases of people receiving cruel and unusual punishment because of the death penalty. Some of the methods are not always effective which can cause a painful drawn-out death. Moving on from prisoners fairness, we need to consider how hard it must be for the executioners as well; they are only people like all of us and can be very personally affected by it. Many require therapy/counseling. Does anyone really win with the death penalty?
For the criminal, wouldn’t life imprisonment be worse than the death penalty? Having to live every day limited, confined, and having to know what you did could be arguably a worse punishment. Aside from the personal aspects, societies where the death penalty is no longer existent are viewed more favourably than those who still practice it. Executing the criminal will not reverse the crimes that they committed; putting the offender to death does not bring the victim(s) back.

Opinion on Fertility Treatments Funding

Canada should fund fertility treatments to an extent. Fertility treatments help families who dream of having children but are also likely to improve the Canadian economy through population growth.

Single embryo implantation should be funded since it is the safest method of IVF and with it being funded, families will not feel the strenuous financial pressure that often pushes them to opt for the implantation of multiple embryos. The issue with implanting multiple embryos is that if the procedure results in the conceiving of more than 1 baby, it is more likely that health problems in the mother and/or offspring will occur (Toronto Star, n.d).

In terms of money, IVF costs approximately $10k for treatments and if it happens to fail, which is not uncommon, and you want to try again you will have to put forward an additional $10k. This money should come out of the pockets of the government and not the couples because safe in-vetro fertilization (using only 1 embryo) more than pays for itself in long-term. For example, in Ontario it would cost the government between $70 million to $130 million a year to cover the costs but they could save as much as $150 million. Overall the benefits appear to be positive on not only a personal but national scale. The government may have to spend a lot of money in order to fully fund treatments like IVF but will get even more in return (Stuart Laidlaw, n.d).

To help improve Canada’s population there are excellent options such as adoption and immigration but the option that seems simplest is reproduction. Helping those with fertility issues be able to grow and birth a baby is key for helping the population of Canada increase. With the large generation of the baby boomers getting older and passing away, we need more babies being made and people coming in so when the generation is completely gone Canada will be around the same population or higher and not be in crisis.

IVF and treatments similar to it deserve funding from the government so that couples can have children and feel personal fulfillment, Canada can have a stable population and save money annually.

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My Opinion on Gene Editing

In my opinion, gene-editing should be only used for medical purposes. It can be excellent for treatment but it can also be misused if regulations are not strict. With possibilities ranging from harvesting human organs from pigs to choosing your baby’s eye colour, gene-editing will have a revolutionary impact, both good and bad.

By using CRISPR to alter a DNA sequence, you can remove the genes that cause diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimers (Weintraub, 2018). Allowing these diseases to be eradicated would save the child to be from unneeded suffering. It can be argued that people are playing god and messing with nature by altering an individuals genetics but all that can be definitively said is that lives will most likely be extended and less pain will be caused to families.

Aside from human genetics, gene-editing could be used in agriculture for crops to make them more abundant and resilient (Gates, 2018). By doing this there would be more crops harvested such as carrots, corn, potatoes and more. Generating more food could help feed people who are struggling in places like developing countries. In this way, gene-editing would have a positive effect on a global scale.

The part of modifying genetics that I cannot seem to support is changing your offsprings DNA in order to achieve a certain eye or hair colour. There are no medical reasons for altering the visual aspects of your child, therefore, it is not necessary. If the child wants to alter their appearance further in life that is said child’s decision and can be made then. In Canada, it is only legal to alter genetics for health reasons and that is how it should be everywhere so that having children does not turn into a Build-a-Baby experience (CBC, 2018).

Gene-editing could have miraculous effects in exterminating diseases and illnesses and also producing more food. With regulations to stop “designer babies” and at-home genetic kits, gene-editing could be an extraordinary thing.

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Aristotle’s Impact On Literacy and The Modern World

Aristotle was a philosopher, educator, scientist, writer, and other things. He has contributed greatly to multiple subjects such as physics, biology, psychology, meteorology, and especially the social sciences and humanities. Literacy was easily shifted and altered with all the works Aristotle provided to the public. Education was something he was indescribably passionate about and influenced greatly. Aristotle was and is still important because of all the contributions and developments that were made by him. (Amadio, A & Kenny, A, 2018) Continue reading “Aristotle’s Impact On Literacy and The Modern World”

Lifestyle and Health Care

People who do not take care of their physical well being by partaking in things like smoking,drinking, and poor dieting are not as deserving of full health care as the people who genuinely attempt to improve. Treatments and surgeries are pricy, timely, and require an extensive amount of resources which wastes tax payer funds and holds up treatment for those who need it even though they do take care of themselves. We need to make sure treatments are effective and being used in the best possible ways.

Those who do not try to alter or improve their health after being asked do not deserve equal opportunities for surgeries and treatments compared to those who improve their diets, activity levels, quit smoking and overall actually try to improve their health. Treating heart disease can be expensive with surgeries and treatments rising up to around $200000 (Harvard Heart Letter, 2017). It is important that they want to improve for them and not for the treatment alone because if they receive the treatment and think the way they lived before is acceptable, then the chance for personal health and self improvement  is being undermined and the money used is being wasted. If the money used was directly from the affected patients wallet then I would say go for it and use your new chance as you will, but due to the money being used coming from our taxes and government funding, more effort should be made towards personal health. The only exception to this would be if the patients illness was found to be the result of congenital defects as their condition is not a result of their poor decisions alone.

Treatments like surgeries and medications cannot reach full potential if the person being treated continues to smoke, eat unhealthily, deny themselves proper physical fitness, and/or consume large quantities of alcohol. It may be more effective to the person themself but not as effective in comparison to someone who tries to improve. In nature it is survival of the fittest and it should partially be like that in the healthcare world; meaning the healthiest and fittest should be looked after before someone who has repeatedly denied to change the way they live. Even beginning to walk daily or bidaily is improvement and a start. Around 47% of all deaths in the United States were caused by behaviours like smoking, drinking, and poor eating, so if someone who does not treat themself well continues to live unhealthily after treatments, the bad habits they indulge in will likely be the cause of their death due  (Novelli, W. D., 2008).

When the people who avoid caring about their overall health are treated before those who take interest and invest effort in their health and fitness, people who deserve treatment may not get any. Time is being spent ineffectively when treating those who make minimal effort to change. Waiting times may be long with specific treatments which is why we need to treat those who earned it as soon as possible. Across canada the total number of procedures people were waiting for was 973,505 in 2016 and wait times were at 18.3 which is 155% longer than it was in 1993 (Barua, B., & Ren, F., 2017). The wait times prove that we need to prioritize who the treatments will work best with and who deserves them most.

In conclusion, for the best treatment you should have to try to be healthy. The cost for treatments is too high to be taken lightly. If we do not take responsibility and   treat our bodies correctly with proper eating, exercise, and habits then we are not deserving of equal medical treatment or healthcare, especially with wait times over 4 months in length.. Medicine has developed so much in the past few decades but that does not mean we can do anything to ourselves and still be in good shape. We need to take care of the people who want to be taken care of for our healthcare system to be in the best shape.



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Academic Essay: Personal Literacy

       The literacy I have today is from the members of my family who have been influencing me since before childhood, the education that was provided to me, experiences I have been through, and where I have been brought up. Aside from my personal life, I have been impacted by media, and books. Social expectations and what is shown as “regular” influence many people, including myself to have good literacy.


Growing up, the people who I was surrounded by most were often reading newspapers, magazines, or other forms of writing. The education in my family varies greatly, ranging from middle school to graduate school. But, regardless of education, everyone in my immediate family is capable of basic reading and writing, which is where I believe I am at an advantage. No matter who I turn to, help will always be an option. When it comes to writing something like an essay, if I need help there is always a relative that will read it over for me and make suggestions. My literacy is impacted by them in a good way because I happen to be lucky enough to have them helping me when needed. As a child, my grandmother would read me a story before bed every night which would calm me down. The stories I was told are what got me initially interested in reading. Now reading doesn’t just mean learning about a perspective or events. Because of my grandmother, it represents my childhood and good times when I was first being introduced to literacy.  They established what I consider normal and right. Getting older may change how I view what they taught me, but I will always see it as normal in that time. Reading and writing was part of their everyday lives and now it is part of my regular day because of what they embedded in me as normal. I consider them my first teachers.


Like most children, I was very impressionable when I was younger. What would be shown on TV could usually influence me to do something or want to do something. So growing up and seeing shows where mainstream television/movie characters liked reading or thought it was cool would make me want to read in order to be similar to the characters. This impacted my literacy by making me think reading and being smart were cool which would result in me reading books as a kid. I owe some of the literacy which I have today to the characters like Rory Gilmore or Harry Potter that I seen as inspirational on my TV. Understandably, this representation on a big platform such as TV is refreshing considering at one point in time things like smoking and drinking would be promoted to all age groups and now reading and writing are more likely to be advertised and promoted. They were leaders and influences that affected not only myself, but millions of children worldwide. TV was not alone in encouraging a stubborn 5-12 year old Will to read. Books were also a major contribution to that. Great books can devour your sense of time and completely engulf your attention. When I started independently reading in elementary school I got a book from the library titled “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. Once I started reading it I just couldn’t stop. A book about pre-teens surviving middle school appealed to someone like me at the time because middle school was in the foreseeable future and the book(s) would make me think everything was going to be alright. Books are more than just words. They are escapes from reality and are personal connections. Wanting to find out what happens next and being thrilled about situations that could be similar to your own or situations you have no connection to draws you in to keep reading. It takes good writers to make avid readers.


I believe my generation has the largest number of expectations in comparison to any other in terms of education and literacy. We are expected to go to post-secondary school more than any other age group. If we choose not to pursue further education, we are generally looked down upon. In the media it is shown that if you only have a high school diploma than you are a “loser”, “lazy”, or have no solid good future. All these expectations and ideals projected onto us prompt me to better my literacy and develop my skills so I can hopefully make it somewhere and be respected. Reading and writing well is a must for many programs after high school from arts to sciences. Personally, I can see how those expectations are good and bad. They are good in the way where kids are more likely to care about literacy because most of the time they are needed to. Can be bad in the way of putting people down as if they are not good people because of their struggle with literacy. Literacy is a substantial part of the world we live in today from written communication to reading information. Overall, good literacy is important but it is not necessary to live.


Everything that is known to me about literacy today comes from the influential people in my life who taught me the essentials and basics I needed, what was presented and exposed to me through entertainment like books and movies, and me striving to improve my literacy because of who I want/am expected to be. Literacy is the basis of my education and very important for modern communication. My hope is to keep personally progressing with literacy. Importance of literacy differs per person, but for me it is an essential part of my life and expression.